Surrogacy Cost & Estimated Fees

Surrogacy Cost & Estimated Fees

We understand that you are investing in us as an agency to help you create the family you have always dreamed of. At The Surrogacy Program we strive to be compassionate and keep our upfront costs as affordable as possible by breaking down our program fee into smaller payments and being honest about the extent of the services covered by this fee, including many outside services. About 40% of our fee is not taken until the viability of a healthy pregnancy at week 26. In addition The Surrogacy Program limits the number of surrogacies cycling at any given time to under 25 in order to be able to serve our clients immediately and personally. We pride ourselves in having one of the most affordable and inclusive program fees among the established and respected agencies in the country. We welcome cost comparisons with other fellow agencies.

*This fee is broken down into the following payments:

  • $6,000- due at sign up when a surrogate is available for you
  • $10,000- due upon signing the contract with your surrogate mother
  • $6,500- due when your surrogate mother reaches 26 weeks of gestation with a viable pregnancy

Our Program Fee includes the following services:

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Program Fee (see below for detailed services) - $22,500

  • Advertisement for surrogates to provide a variety of qualified candidates
  • Outside psychological screening
  • Extensive social evaluation of surrogate by Program Director
  • Support with travel/accommodations for our out-of-town surrogates and recipient couples
  • Referrals to highly qualified doctor's offices
  • Attending doctor's visits, ultrasounds, transfers and procedures whenever possible
  • Maintenance of monthly e-mail/chat group for our surrogates
  • Arranging initial medical testing for surrogate
  • Pay for psychological testing for surrogate
  • Liaison between the medical facility and the surrogate as required
  • Referrals to experienced lawyers in the field of surrogacy for drafting legal contracts between parties
  • Establishment of an Expense Escrow Account in order to coordinate payment of surrogacy expenses and surrogate's payments
  • In-house management of incidental payments to surrogate
  • Monthly distribution of balance sheets to our recipient couples
  • Obtaining life insurance policy for the surrogate during her pregnancy
  • Bi-monthly surrogate meetings guided by experienced group counselor
  • Ongoing communication with the lawyers during the pregnancy
  • Highest level of emotional support, attention and guidance to all parties involved as they progress through each step of the program
  • Weekly check-ins with surrogates
  • Gifts to surrogate and her family, including a vacation after her delivery

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