Becoming a Surrogate

Exceptional Benefits

At The Surrogacy Program we stay in constant contact during the pregnancy, offering support and guidance throughout the process. We love to pamper our Surrogate Angels and their families by providing additional gifts during this amazing journey. This can include:

  • Gifts at birth to celebrate your amazing journey
  • Additional housekeeping allowances
  • In home dinners
  • Comfort gifts (which may include a pregnancy pillow, massage, flowers, books, or movie cards)
  • $1,000 gift for the surrogate’s children’s education to be shared evenly
  • $500 gift of a vacation or amusement park tickets after delivery

Becoming A Surrogate Mother

We also offer support group meetings led by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Our online surrogate group helps our Surrogate Mothers connect so that they may share this life-changing experience together

Compensation for Surrogacy

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  • 1st time surrogate mother: $36,000
  • 2nd time surrogate mother: $41,000
  • 3rd time surrogate mother: $46,000 and up

Additional Benefits:

  • $7,500: Bonus for a twin pregnancy
  • $2,500: C-Section fee
  • $1,000 maternity clothing allowance at the end of the first trimester
  • $1,500 IVF transfer fee per transfer
  • Lost wages
  • Escalating Fees for repeat surrogates

Surrogate Application

Surrogate Mothers from California or Nevada only, please.

If you wish to book a free consultation please call us at 818-506-9300 or email us at
or click on the link above to fill out and submit an application.