“When I write my memoirs this will be the chapter
I am most proud of”

We are the most loving and respectful program in the country for surrogates. Surrogates are special angels who make miracles possible. We strive to match our Surrogate Angels with Recipient Parents with whom they are compatible so that each journey is a magical experience.

Our Surrogate Angels share a strong connection with their loving recipient parents.

Our warm, caring and professional staff will respond rapidly to our surrogate mother’s needs.

We offer an excellent rewards package for you and your children. We want to spoil you!

You deserve the highest compensation for such an extraordinary gift.

Matching Process

Surrogacy is an experience that becomes a part of your life story. The Surrogacy Program takes great care in matching surrogates and couples who will have a remarkable journey together. We are often told by our surrogates and couples how perfectly they were matched. We recognize that although destiny has a hand in the process, compatibility and sharing the same dream are elements that also affect the experiences of our clients. All of our recipient couples as well as our surrogates are very well screened and undergo psychological counseling. We work only with recipients who have a valid medical reason to need a surrogate mother and have a significant chance of achieving a pregnancy.

Our  Intended Parents are full of gratitude for the great gift they are being given and want to share the pregnancy. Typically, our couples and surrogates maintain connections during the pregnancy and in years to come. Our loving couples come from California, throughout the US, and from all over the world. They are wonderful and dedicated parents who long to have a family with your help. The couples we have worked with in The Surrogacy Program are not confined by race, religion, sexual preference or nationality. They all share one common unifying principle: a deep love of family.


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